Paracho Elite

Paracho Elite Guitars are made in the legendary mountain village of Paracho—high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Paracho artisans have been perfecting their craft for over 200 years.

Many of the luthiers that work at the Paracho Elite shop are fourth and fifth generation musical instrument makers.

These hand crafted, quality guitars are made from some of the finest woods. Each guitar has it's own unique styling and beautiful inlay craftsmanship. Most importantly, they produce remarkable sound and are played by recording and performing professionals.

Because they are handmade rather than mass produced, each guitar features unique styling with beautiful decorative inlays. The solid cedar tops produce excellent tone, which actually improves as the guitar ages. Every Paracho Elite instrument is thoroughly inspected before leaving the workshop. Paracho Elite offers a complete line of Latin themed instruments, such as the Bajo Sexto, Bajo Quinto, Cuatro, Cuban Tres, Guitarron, Tiple, Vihuela and others.




Bajo Sexto - Bravo Model



Requinto - Gonzolas Model w/Solid Cedar Top

The requinto guitar is a six-string nylon guitar with a scale length of 530 to 540mm, this is about 18% smaller than a standard guitar scale (650 to 655mm). Many requintos have cutaways. Requintos made in Mexico typically have a deeper body than a standard guitar (110mm as opposed to 105mm). In Mexico, the requinto is typically used in a "trio romantico", which includes the use of two other guitars along with the requinto.



Bajo Quinto - Loredo Model

Laredo - Paracho Elite GuitarsBajo Quinto guitars are doubled five string instruments with their own unique tuning.