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The Original bag is the most common Edgewood bag used by benchrest shooters. Filled with heavy sand, it weighs between 10 and 14 lbs. depending on body height and has a footprint of about 6 ½'' x 8 ½''. We build it with reinforced leather sides and heavy nylon top and ears along with a multi-layered ‘donut’ base which allows the bag to sit firmly on the bench without rocking back and forth.


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The Minigater features a larger base than the Original – approximately 6 ½'' x 10''. When filled with heavy sand, it weighs in somewhere between 13 and 16 lbs. A much longer earbase is stitched to the top of the Mini for smoother tracking, especially when shooting free recoil. The same reinforced sides and donut base are used in this bag as in the Original


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Farley Front Bags have a hard bottom cut to fit into the front basket. 'Common' Front Bags feature ½'' wide leather flaps extending along the bottom edges that you can use to pin down with retaining bars, or the flaps can be punched, notched or cut away all together to custom fit your rest.


Our Bolt Holsters fit Panda, Rem. 700 short, BAT and "most" others with up to a 5" lug. They feature a fold-over snap-top with **Tan Snakeskin (limited to stock on hand), Black, Red, Navy or Green Cordura inlay and a spring clip for fastening to your belt. They are heavy duty and fully lined.


Snakes  $55

Long (approx. 40''), tubular sandbags used to keep bench paraphernalia from rolling onto the ground. Also keeps bench towels from blowing away while containing ejected brass. They come to you filled and ready to use.




These Elbow Pads not only keep your elbow from getting all scuffed up, they also help with consistent positioning. And they look so good ...


Edgewood Hand Rest  $55 Unfilled

The Edgewood Hand Rest (also called a brick bag) is excellent for resting your hand or wrist on if you shoot Benchrest, free recoil style. It also makes a great elbow bag. One end is sloped slightly, so this bag would work well as a rear bag for a hunting or varmint rifle in the field. The Hand Rest is manufactured from high quality, grained-leather with a stiff, double layer bottom so it sits flat. It has the new bottom-location fill-tube with a convenient tuck-flap. The bag is 7-1/2” long, 5” wide and 2-3/4” tall when filled full. You can vary the height and softness of the bag by using less sand.



Our Benchmats feature a soft built-in handrest with a sand-filled benchsnake sewn around the outside edge. Available in right- or left-handed and for Sinclair style or Farley rests.